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"We are humans who are blinded by shiny beauty and skincare products
But, we want to change that."

Our Story

PintaKa came out of my own struggles with skincare. In my career in business and tech, I’m adept at pinpointing needs and solutions. Doing the same for my skin should’ve been simple, but my search for the right routine cost both my skin and wallet. 

One cleanser recommended by a trusted influencer dried out my skin. So I sent my photos to another brand pushed by social media. This brand’s experts prescribed products that dried and burned my face. 
Money, time, and effort wasted: my story isn’t unique. Maybe you, too, have spent hours scouring shelves, reviews, and ingredient lists. Maybe you, too, have nothing to show for it but a dent in your bank account.

For men, the search for good skincare is even more difficult. Their faces are tougher, thicker, and oilier than women’s. A cursory look at any store’s skincare section might fool you into thinking only women need to take care of their skin, but everyone deserves the chance to live life as their best self. 

So I founded PintaKa, marrying clean beauty to science and tech. I work with a team of knowledgeable people, including cosmetic chemist AJ Addae, to offer skincare as it should be: tailored to you, accessible, and ethical. We partner with vegan, cruelty-free brands as we match your skincare concerns with the best possible formulations.
We’re all about making you feel good as you do good in the world. In fact, we’re so passionate about social impact that a share of our profits goes to various charities advocating for marginalized groups. How’s that for effective skincare?

You deserve affordability. You deserve options. You deserve simplicity. Thanks for taking us on your skincare journey.

-Regina Santos, Founder and CEO of PintaKa